Month: February 2022

The Nicene CREED Otherwise Known as The Niceno Constantinopolitan CREED, as MODIFIED BY THE GREAT RUACH HAKODESH HIMSELF.

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              The Nicene OR  Niceno- Constantinopolitan CREED As MODIFIED BY THE GREAT RUACH HAKODESH  HIMSELF. By Chinwe Yeshua.     Nicene Creed, also called Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed, A YEHUDAH HAMASCHIAC Statement of FAITH that is the only Ecumenical CREED because it is accepted as authoritative by The  Ecumenical Ministries, such as: Roman ….  Read More

THE Correct and Accurate Pronunciation Of HIS GREAT NAME YHWH. Not Yahweh, not Jehovah. But HIS NAME IS YHWH YESHUA HAMASCHIAC.

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      HIS GREAT NAME IS YHWH YESHUA HAMASCHIAC. HE IS THE GREAT RUACH HAKODESH SON, Not Jesus Christ. No interpreted name is welcomed, because no such rights or Authority was given to man by YHWH, WHO IS THE GREAT YHWH. The only Authority HE, THE GREAT MELACHIM SON, YHWH YESHUA HAMASCHIAC Gave man ….  Read More

Easter or Passover- Origin of Easter Celebration, and Why We Must Celebrate The PASSOVER And THE RESURRECTION Rather Than Easter.

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    Origin of Easter     By Chinwe Yeshua Easter, Latin Pascha, Greek Pascha, Principal Celebration of THE YEHUDA HAMASCHIAC – Judeo Christian CHURCH- Global Ministry  which seeks to celebrates  Resurrection of YHWH YESHUA HAMASCHIAC  ON THE THIRD DAY  after HIS Crucifixion. The earliest recorded observance of an Easter celebration comes from the 2nd century, though ….  Read More