YOḤANAN ALEPH 1


Relationships /Fellowship of The Brethren IN HA’YHWH 🛐 HA’ELOYIHM 🛐.


1. HE🛐WHO🛐IS🛐from the beginning, WHO🛐we have heard, WHO🛐we have seen with our eyes, WHO🛐we have looked upon, and our hands have Touched, concerning THE WORD OF HA’RUACH🛐 HA’ELOYIHM🛐. 2. AND HA’RUCH🛐HA’ELOYIHM🛐WAS MANIFESTED🛐 And we have seen, and bear witness, and announce to you THAT THE EVERLASTING LIFE- HA’RUACH🛐- HA’YHWH🛐HA’ELOYIM🛐THE ONE, WITHOUT WHOM🛐NOTHING EXIST)🛐WHO🛐WAS WITH HA’ABBA🛐and was manifested to us. 3We announce to you what we have seen and heard, so that you too might have fellowship with us. And truly our fellowship is with HA’ABBA🛐and with HIS🛐Son🛐יהושע🛐HA’YHWH 🛐YESHUA🛐HAMASCHIC🛐 HAREBBE🛐MELECH🛐.
4And we write this to you in order that your joy might be complete.
5And this is the message which we have heard from HIM🛐and announce to You, That HA’ELOYIHM🛐IS LIGHT AND  IN HIM🛐IS NO DARKNESS AT ALL🛐
6If we say that we have fellowship with HIM🛐and walk in darkness, we lie and are not being truthful.

7But if We walk in THE LIGHT🛐; Even AS HE🛐IS IN  THE LIGHT, we have fellowship with one another, And THEBLOOD🛐OF HA’YHWH🛐of  YESHUA🛐HAMASCHIAC🛐יהושע Messiah YHWH🛐YESHUA🛐THE SON🛐OF HA’NIN;🛐HIS🛐SON’S🛐BLOOD 🛐Cleanses Us from all SINS🛐.

8If we say that we have no sin, we are deceive ourselves, and THE TRUTH🛐Is not in us.9If we confess our sins, HE🛐IS FAITHFUL🛐AND  HOLY🛐To forgive us the sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
10If we say that we have not sinned, we make HIM🛐a liar, and THE 🛐HOLY🛐WORD🛐OF HA’ELOYIHM🛐( THE LIVING WORD🛐) Is NOT In us.



Note Beneath:
So how do we relate with ourselves in classrooms- schools, In THE HOLY HA’VEHAKALA🛐HA’ELOAH🛐-THE HOLY SEE🛐- THE CHURCH🛐 And in the earth generally; even in our respective families?



1.It is by walking In THE TRUTH🛐, refusing to lie to one another.

2.Disdaining darkness and its allies.

3. Refusing orgy parties, negative dance hall events, which leads to sexual immorality. But note that Healthy dancehall events, parties and good receptions as attended by HA’REBBE🛐 MELECH🛐HAMASCHIAC🛐 IS Accepted. Good liesure, relaxation is accepted, but be careful, your enemies, zeus and his host looks for you everywhere to devour, whether in hiding relaxation or in parties and concerts.

4.Rejecting harmful substance intakes, which leads to huge body reserve energy nutrients.

5. Nos 3 and 4 leads to huge abandonment of the body preservation By HA’RUACH🛐 HA’ADONAI🛐 SON🛐 Y’WIN;🛐 HAMASCHIAC🛐

6. Avoid hard jams, it leads to sexual immorality.

7. Heavy drinking, leads to death, road accidents and early destruction of other people lives and properties, as well yours.


As taught by HA’REBBE🛐MELECH🛐 HIMSELF🛐. Via Madam Vera Chinwe Aigbonoga; in

YEHUḎAH HA’YHWH🛐YESHUA 🛐 HAMASCHIAC🛐 STUDIES 🛐 Class Teacher IN HA’YHWH🛐 YESUA🛐 HAMASCHIAC🛐🛐SCHOOL, Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. African Continent.