School Closed and Resumes.

Author: Chinwe

  Dear All, We are grateful to The MOST HIGH GOD, YHWH for seeing us through this term, all the way from January to 1st April 2021, and for seeing us through all our endeavors this term, including our CAs and Examination period. Third term resumes 26th April 2021. have a blessed good Friday and ….  Read More

Spring/Third Term Welcome Back Message From Our CEO YHWH HAMASCHIAC.

Author: Chinwe

      Spring/Third Term Welcome Address From Our School CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (CEO); YHWH HAMASCHIAC School.     Dear Teachers /Students, YHWH HAMASCHIAC welcomes you all to HIS Personal education site. As HIS Children (both teachers and students), we are expected to behave well before HIM, WHO Is the keeper of our school website ….  Read More

Hurray!!!!! It’s Midterm Break.

Author: Chinwe

  Midterm Break   Hurray!!!!! It’s Midterm Break in YHWH. YHWH HAMASCHIAC SCHOOL is grateful to Our YHWH- The MOST HIGH GOD  for seeing us yet through another half-term. As we continue,  may we find peace, tranquility and joy. And may we return strong, and refresh in YHWH HAMASCHIAC Amin.   Midterm break begins Monday  ….  Read More

Upcoming Spring/Third Term Examinations Announcement.

Author: Chinwe

    Dear all, This is to inform you that Our Spring/third term examination comes up in line with Lagos state school calendar. School exam begins 22nd July, ends 29 July, ’21. YHWH HAMASCHIAC School closes 30th July’21.     Entrance into YHWH HAMASCHIAC (LORD CHRIST) School JSS1 class will take place on the 24th ….  Read More

YHWH HAMASCHIAC SCHOOL Closure And Resumption.

Author: Chinwe

      Dear All. We say a very big ‘Thank You’ to The GREAT And MIGHTY GOD, The GREAT YHWH Of The Universe, WHO has made it possible for us to complete a full session of 2020-2021. We resume again for 2021-2022 session September Monday, 2oth, 2021 by HIS Grace.     Have a joyous ….  Read More

Announcement on Continous Assessment Test/ First Term Examination Dates.

Author: Chinwe

Dear All, This is to announce the dates of the following upcoming Examinations .   1st/2nd CA test:  17th – 23d  of November 2021. Mid term break resumes immediately; 24th -29th November School Resumes 30th November. 1st term/ Christmas Term Examination:  10th – 17th December. 2021   Time table will be out aoon.

YHWH HAMASCHIAC SCHOOL. Second Continuous Assessment (Assignment Week), Second / Resurrection #Easter Term 2021/2022 Academic Year.

Length: 0 minutesAuthor: Vera Aigbonoga

  Second Continuous Assessment (Assignment Week),   Dear Teachers and Students,   There will be a Continuous Assessment (Assignment Week) from Monday,14th -18th  March in all our various school sections. Examination begins immediately afterwards, between 21st -29th March 2022. Assignment is placed according to teachers perspective. Examination Time-table to come out soon, Please look out. ….  Read More

HA’YHWH YESHUA HAMASCHIAC School, First Term Upcoming Examination Announcement. 2022/2023 Academic Year.

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: ChinweComplexity: Easy

  Dear All, Having completed,  successfully   our First/ YHWH YESHUA HAMASCHIAC🙏 Season, Continous Assessment test, we give all Glory to HA’YHWH🙏 Of The Universe via HIS SON; HA’YHWH YESHUA HAMASCHIAC 🙏, THE AMIN AND THE AMEN 🙏. This is to announce the date of our upcoming Examination; 12th December, 2022.       Please check ….  Read More

HA’YHWH YESHUA HAMASCHIAC School, Second HalfTerm Resumption Announcement/ Welcome After Midterm Break.2023 Academic Year.

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: ChinweComplexity: Easy

  Dear Students, welcome back from midterm break in HA’RUACH HA’ADONAI🛐 HA’YHWH🛐 YESHUA 🛐HAMASCHIAC🛐, even as we say a big thank you to HIM🛐, SEATED on THE THRONE🛐 ABOVE 🛐 The Circles of The earth.   Kindly return back to yout classroom tomorrow The 13th of March. 2023. Don’t forget examination will soon recommence. May ….  Read More