The Study of The Hebrew GOD, named YHWH, anglicized as JEHOVAH, LORD or YAHWEH. HIS manifestation, signs and wonders in Israel and the birth of HIS SON YHWH YESHUA HAMASCHIAC anglicised as LORD Jesus Christ.


Jss2 Christmas Term, HAMASCHIAC Studies- CRK, 1st C A.

Author: Chinwe

JSS2 Christmas Term, HAMASCHIAC Studies-/ CRK.  1st C A. 1. What was the Angel’s message to Zechariah, the high Priest, 2. who looked for the consolation of Isreal? 3. What were his words when he finally saw Isreal’s consolation? 4.  Who received BABY YHWH YESUHA HAMASCHIAC (LORD JESUS CHRIST) from HIS parents.