HA’YHWH🛐 YESHUA 🛐 HAMASCHIAC 🛐 SCHOOL, SS1 Resurrection / Second Term, Economics Examination -Continuous Assessment. 2023.

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: ChinweComplexity: Easy

S.S.S 1- Senior Secondary School 1 Economics Examination   Answer all questions in sction A and 2 questions in section B only. Goodluck in HA’RUACH HA’ELOAH   🛐HA’YHWH🛐 YESHUA🛐 HAMASCHIAC 🛐   1. The traditional economic system is based on goods, services, and work, all of which follow certain established trends.  True/ false. 2. Traditional  Economic ….  Read More

HA’YHWH🛐 YESHUA🛐 HAMASCHIAC 🛐SCHOOL, SS1 Economics, Continuous Assessment – Test. Third/Summer-Spring Term 2023.

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: ChinweComplexity: Easy

  Subject: Economics Class SS1 Time: 2hours Instruction: Answer all Questions IN HA’YHWH🛐  YESHUA 🛐HAMASCHIAC 🛐   Questions     A firm is said to be________________ List 3 differences between a firm and industry. what is a financial institution?  Financial institutions include a broad range of business operations within the financial services sector? Name them. ….  Read More