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There are various ways in which information communication technology can be used such are:
(1). Information Gathering, Processing and Distributing: ICT is a major tool in information gathering, processing and distribution; for example, the use of computer to produce, edit and distribute news over the internet.
(2). Information Management: ICT is used to handle and manage information, because information can be better managed with ICT
(3). Information Security: ICT has many features that help to protect and secure information.
(4). Communication: Today, I.CT provides effective use of radio, TV, video and other multimedia devices such as the computer, mobile phone, and 3G for effective communication.
(5). Timing and Control: Operations are effectively timed by computer and other ICT media. These devices also offer effective control of resources, e.g. computer gadgets employed in traffic control.
Advantages of ICT
The benefits of ICT include:
1. Speed: With the introduction of ICT, processing and transactions are carried out faster than before.
(2). Flexibility Interaction: ICT also supports many types of interaction. Examples are one-on-one conference, and one-to-many people conference.
(3). Access to Information: There is better and cheaper access to knowledge and information. With ICT, many people can get information even in remote parts of the world.
(4). Globalisation: ICT has made distance become irrelevant in business transactions and dealings. For instance, one can stay in a room in Rivers State, Nigeria and carry out business in Lagos, Tokyo, Japan and USA.
(5). Timelines: Information is sent and received in reasonable time with ICT. Example: information sent can be received in any part of the world in a split of second by internet chatting, email, teleconferencing, etc.
(6). Effective Human Interaction: ICT has caused human beings to relate with one another in new and better ways.
(7). Innovation and Creativity: ICT has created so many new methods of communication such as the use of the internet, pager, computer, and the mobile phone.
(8). Media Integration: With ICT, so many media types can work together. For example, the mobile phone can be connected to the computer. Also information on the mobile phone can be transferred and viewed from a projector.
Disadvantages of ICT
(1). It can cause addiction disorder(AD): This is when people interact more with ICT gadgets than real people.
(2). The components are fragile: The ICT devices can easily break. They are fragile and need to be handle with absolute care to prevent damage.
(3). Job loss: people can lose their jobs as a result of ICT. This could be as a result of lack of computer skills, or due to ICT gadgets taking over human jobs. For example, you don’t need a dispatch rider to send an e-mail.
(4). It might require resources: ICT sometimes requires expensive equipment to carry out, which can be unacceptable to an average user.
(5). It requires extra cost to train users: To use ICT facilities, you must be well trained. At times the training can take place in a foreign land and can be very expensive.
(6). Destruction of human capital: Many old skills are no longer needed. As a result, such skills are lost.
Links between the computer and information and communication technology (ICT)
Information and communication technology (ICT) refers to broad field that includes computers, communication equipment and other resources that are related to them such as cellular networks, satellite communication, telephone, broadcast equipment and other forms of communication.
The computer is part of ICT and plays a major role in facilitating ICT. As a result, there are relationships and links between computers and ICT.
These include the following:
(1). All modern ICT gadgets are programmable just as computers are.
(2). Experience shows that people who understand the technology of the computer and how it operates are better ICT users.
(3). Most discoveries in IT and ICT were as a result of access to the computer.
(4) Computers can serve the functions of other ICT gadgets. For example, the computer can exchange information with the telephone, it can play video, it can tune to television stations, connect to the satellite, and can also play audio data like the radio.
(5). The computer, through the internet and ICT has created ‘Sovereign People’ , i.e. people who are empowered by their knowledge.
A GSM phone on a network can be used in different ways to send and receive calls, texts messges, pictures, etc.
Creating and Sending Messages on a GSM Phone
1. Press the menu option.
2. Choose messages.
3. Choose text message.
4. Choose write message.
5. Type in your text.
6. Choose the right send option(send, save and send, etc) and press OK.
7. Enter the recipient’s number and press OK.
To tetrieve information on a GSM phone
1. Once the message comes in, the GSM phone beeps.
2. Select the Read to retrieve the message or select inbox to check the message and press OK.