A crisis is a period when a problem or difficulty gets to it worste point. This situation can occur within the family.
Types of Family Crisis
1. Bereavement: The loss of a husband, wife, with, child or close relation may have an adverse effect on family members. Such effect could be depression, loneliness, withdrawals from society and reduction in family income.
2. Separation of husband and wife or divorce: This can result in bitterness, identity crisis for the children-not knowing which parents to take sides with, insecurity, homeless, lack of love and of self confidence.
3. Unemployment and poverty: People who are unemployed tend to be bitter and irritable. This situation can result in a family crisis. A breath winner who is out of job will not be able to support his family. Older children who are unemployed will become bored and frustrated and may join bad gangs.
4. Cultism: Innocent students from good homes sometimes find themselves involves in cultism in schools. This can cause serious crisis in the family.
5. Wayward children and school dropouts: Parents who are too busy to train and supervise their children end up having wayward children who may have to drop out of school. Such children bring shame on their parents.
6. Accident: There are different forms of accidents. These include fire accidents, road accidents, domestic accidents. Accidents can cause incapacitation and hospitalisation of a family member which may lead to loss of work or property. Such an experience may result in family crisis.
Management Strategies for Family Crisis
1. There must be love in the family.
2. People should not be lazy. Those unemployed should go out with confidence to look for jobs. They should locate lucrative business to do. Because buying and selling is very popular in Nigeria.
3.Those involved in cultism should be helped by helping them to see a counsellor or a psychiatrist.
4. Separated parents need to consult a marriage counsellor or speak to their religious leaders.
5. Those who are bereaved need the support of family members and friends.
Class work
1. Define family conflict.
2. Define Family crisis.