The following are the benefits of positive groups behaviours are ;
1. Companionship: People that share similar traits always feel connected to each other. In essence, they develop a friendship that cut across different ethnic groups or countries. This attitude promotes understanding and unity in the society.
2. Achievement: When people work together as group, they are able to achieve what a single individual could not, using the same resources and time. For instance, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has bean able to force government to reduce the price of petroleum products several times. The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has been able to compel government to improve on the health facilities available in the country.
2. Effective Avenue for Change: Positive group behaviour can compel government to adopt policies and programmes that can be of great benefit to members of society. For instance, as a result of the increasing number of motorcycle accidents, some governments have banned commercial motorcycle (okada) from some streets.
4. Provision of Social Services: Actions of some groups have been of great benefits to the society. This is because these groups have been able to assist government and other organisations in providing social services to the public. Examples of such groups are Rotary Club, Lion Club, Junior Chambers International (JCI), and the Red Cross.
5. Awareness: Positive groups behaviour had been used to enlighten the masses on the activities of certain people, ethnic groups or government that are regardless as inhuman. For instance, some groups (e.g Campaign Against Female Mutilation) have cried against female circumcision. Other groups have made the public of the high tariffs we pay for calls compared to what is obtainable in countries like South Africa and Great Britain.
6. Security: Positive group behaviour provides security for defenseless members of society who have been denied their human rights. These groups protect these people from further humiliation, and also help them to seek justice for the pains they have passed through.
7. Affiliation and Status: Some groups are affiliated to international organisations abroad, therefore, making them a powerful group to be reckoned with. Also, people who display positive group behaviour serves as role models. This is because people look up to them as human rights defenders who help protect and speak on behalf of members of society. As a result of their selfless service, some members have won a lot of awards, both home and abroad.