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Meaning of Cooperation
Co-operation means working willingly with other people at home, school or in any place we find ourselves in order to achieve some common goals. Because, there are several things we cannot achieve by ourselves alone. We need the help of others first, as they need our help.
Attributes of Co-operation
1.Sharing: the virtue of sharing comes from a heart filled with love and warmth. Where there is co-operation among the people, sharing and exchange of information and material things become easy, and a way of life. Sharing entails everyone having a part to play in a given task and is one of the attributes of co-operation that promotes good values and attitude in people. Sharing leads to mutual trust, understanding and peaceful co-existence in society.
2. Supporting: co-operation involves supporting one another in order to achieve a common goal.
3. Caring: This means showing love, concern and interest in the affairs of others and the community as a whole. This caring attitude of the individual will lead to his working for improvement and development of the entire community. This means that when people have the caring attitude of to often work together at all level where their services is needed, it will bring progress in our nations.
4. Tolerance: Tolerance is the quality which makes us allow others to express their views or do things in their own way, even though we may not agree with them. It is an aspect of co-operation, because people’s behaviour does not stop one from working with them in order to achieve a common goal. A tolerant person will continue to work with other people although he may not like some of the ways they behave.
5. Friendship: This is the ability to create and maintain cordial relationship and mutual understanding with others. Real friendship is based on the love and strong affection. It is this love that makes people work together to protect a common interest and achieve a common goal. When friendship exist among colleaques, co-workers and students, they will always find it easy to work together. This means that friendship leads to co-operation, peace, unity and cordial relationship among the people.
Factors that Promotes Co-operation
There are numerous factors that promotes co-operation in our society. Such are:
1. Common Goal: A goal is one’s effort or target which the person aims at achieving. In order to achieve the goal, he/she has to make effort and work hard with other people. So, if individuals and groups share common goals, they can now co-operate with one another and achieve that which they desire so much.
2. Common needs/problems: When people discover that they have common needs and problems, they will surely co-operate and find solutions to these problems. They will surely devices means of meeting their needs, thereby working together.
3. Mutual Understanding: One is said to show understanding, when one is able to reason with other people and share their views, feelings and values; when one respects and appreciates their diverse opinions on matters, even though one may have a different view. This factor promotes co-operation very well. Co-operation can only exist where there is mutual understanding, trust and respect for one’s right and views.
4. Mutuarity and Discipline: Co-operation requires maturity, self-control, discipline and integrity for all the people/parties involved. One party will need to be strong assured that the other party will keep to the terms of the agreement.
5. Team Spirit: When people see themselves as one people with one common goal to achieve, they will work with their whole heart and together to achieve some goals which are for their good. People must work as a team, not as a clique. When team spirit is in operation, people will co-operate to get to their destination and achieve their common goals.
6. Rules and Regulations: For co-operation to work or take place in any organization, group or instructions, even the families, schools churches and clubs, there must be a body of rules and regulations guiding and directing everyone in the team. The possibility of having friction, conflict and misunderstanding among all and sunset.
Benefits of Co-operation
So many good things can be done when people work together to achieve a common goal. The results of their co-operation will be beneficial to all of them. Some of the advantages of co-operation include the following:
1. Harmony: This means peaceful agreement and existence. When people cooperate among themselves they will always end up living in peace and harmony. So, co-operation brings about harmony.
2. Progress: Co-operation brings about progress and development in the life of the individual and society at large when people work together and pool their resource together, they are bound to make significant and steady progress and advantage.
3. Goal/Achievement: Co-operation brings about goal attainment in society. When people cooperate and work with team spirit, having a common goal, they will work hard, and be committed to that task and within a space of time, they will observe positive change in their society.
4. Peace and Tranquility: When people decide to co-operate with one another in the society towards achieving a set goal, they will always end up living a quiet and peaceful life, deviod of trouble, conflict and rancour. Co-operation ensures peace and harmony in society.
5. Co-operation will also bring about joy, fulfilment and happiness. There will be social justice in society, meaningful living and improved standard of living.





Author: Francis Ofem

YHWH HAMASCHIAC ( LORD CHRIST) SCHOOL CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT Subject: Civic Education. Class: JSS1 Time: 2hours Instructions: Answer all the questions. 1. What is cooperation? 2. List five attributes of cooperation.…