Topic: The Office

Class : JSS1

Subject : Business studies


I.  Define an office

II.  Differentiate between the two types of offices

III.  Mention the functions of an office


The office

An office is a room in an organization, set aside for clerical activities. It a place or room where the clerical activities of a business are carried out. The office is the center point of the clerical activities of the organization.

Types of office

1)  Small office

2)  Large office

Small office

A small office measures only a few square meters, just enough for about three people to perform their duties. A small office is usually found in an organization because the volume of clerical activities is small.

Large office

A large office occupies a relatively big space capable of accommodating many workers or staff. A large office can be found in  big organizations with more than ten workers. Example banking halls, staff rooms in schools etc.

Functions of an office

1.  Giving information

2.  Receiving information

3.  Recording information

4.  Arranging information

5.  Storing information

6.  Processing information



1.  What are the difference between an open office and a closed office

2.  Mention five items that are found in an office

3.  Visit a large or small office in your area and report what you saw