Rewrite these sentences. The first word in each sentence is in the right place.

e.g See boat the   – See the boat

  1. Come to mummy home
  2. The mango climb the boy tree
  3. Here train comes the
  4. We going are school to
  5. My table on the book is
  6. Look children at the dancing
  7. Please song a sing me to
  8. Where my rabbits are?
  9. There on the apples tree are
  10. The sing sweetly birds
  11. We going are home
  12. The barks loudly dog
  13. The class are children in the
  14. She dance likes to
  15. Bring glasses my
  16. Clean kitchen the
  17. The tidy room is
  18. Everyone happy is
  19. Please the car carefully drive
  20. He going school is to

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