A receptionist is a person with the accurate and specific ability, experience, qualifications, skills and training to greet visitors, answer the telephone and perform other specific office or document management duties in the reception area of a business, company or other type of organization according to their job description, job person specification and employment contract.





Receptionists have a variety of responsibilities. This lesson discusses these duties as well as the organization of a reception desk and the normal procedures of a reception area.

Office Reception Desk

As you walk into an office, you usually see a large desk and a cheery individual waiting to greet you. This is the office reception desk and the receptionist. This area was created to make sure there is an individual and space to greet and communicate with people as they come through the door. In this way, customers and visitors do not have to wander through an office looking for assistance.

Layout of a Reception Area

The design of a reception area can make potential customers more comfortable or want to leave, so it is important to lay out the area in a way that is welcoming and open. The following should be in a reception space:

  • Seating – There should be couches or chairs available for people to sit on. Visitors may have to wait for a meeting, so a comfortable space is important.
  • Tables – Having tables to set down coffee, paperwork, or even magazines for reading is always a good way to make sure customers are not feeling awkward as they try to balance everything in their lap.
  • Lighting – Light that illuminates the space without being too bright is also important. This gives people waiting the ability to read or scan work as needed.
  • Hooks – You should have a coat rack or hooks for coats, umbrellas, and bags. This will keep the space uncluttered.
  • Art – Although, this is not essential, something colorful and bright in a reception area adds to the ambience.
  • Reception Desk – Lastly, you want a reception desk for your receptionist. The reception desk should be high enough that there is a small barrier between the receptionist and the people coming in. This helps for a variety of reasons: it maintains privacy for the receptionist, keeps everything professional, and allows for a slight barrier to outside elements as the door opens.

Assignment .

In your own words, outline 7 functions of a Receptionist and elaborate on two.

16th September, 2020.


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