Senior High/Secondary School Fees, SS3 ((Inclusive of Local and International Examination Fees). 2021/2020 Academic Year.






SS3 School Fee Break Down:

School Fee 270,000

WAEC: 20.000

NECO :20,000

JAMB Registration: via school 10,000. Note it can also be personalized, In which case you do not have to pay to the school.

IGCSCE ( International General Certificate of Secondary Education).  Exam registration for  7 subjects. Breakdown below:


Business/ Commercial  students: N564,340

Science students:                             N 570,380

Arts Students                                     N 564,340


Please all students who intends to write all of the above listed examinations must disregard the total fee displayed in the shop as it is strictly for WAEC and Jamb alone in this academic year.


Please pay promptly in order to avoid late registration fees. The School charges 10% for late registration, exclusive of late exam registration fees by the different exam board.


NIN registration for all our students very compulsory, to enable them register for their exams

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